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What would you like to know?

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay simplifies the process of purchasing products and services for hundreds of millions of customers around the world, who can use the information already stored in their Amazon account. To make a payment you can use one of the methods available in your Amazon account.

How can I open an account?

If you already have an Amazon account, you only need to accept our Usage Agreement when making a purchase on any third-party site that accepts Amazon Pay. There is no need to complete a separate registration procedure.

How can I find my Amazon Pay transactions?

Go to and log in as a "buyer" using your Amazon username and password. One-time purchases are shown in the "Orders" tab, while subscription contracts are found in the "Seller Contracts" tab.

Is payment information shared with other people?

We do not share information about your payment methods with sellers who accept Amazon Pay on their sites. If you use Amazon Pay, you will never need to share your payment information with others. Your Amazon Pay transactions are linked to your Amazon account and any changes you make to payment methods on the Amazon Pay site will also take effect on your Amazon account.

How much does it cost to use Amazon Pay?

It costs nothing. The use of Amazon Pay does not incur any transaction fees with the seller. The purchase involves no transaction fees, no membership fees, exchange rates, foreign transaction fees or other fees. The company that issued your credit card, however, may add a fee for international transactions, if the card was issued in a country other than that of the seller, as well as other fees described in the terms and conditions of your credit card.

Where is my order?

Sellers offering Amazon Pay ship their orders themselves. If you think there is a problem with the delivery of your order, please contact the seller, who should be able to assist you. When you use Amazon Pay to make payment, your purchases are protected by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee and for any other questions you can contact our Amazon customer service.

Which sellers accept Amazon Pay?

On the Featured Sellers page you will find a partial list of sellers who accept Amazon Pay. If you frequently contact some sellers for your purchases and would like them to add Amazon Pay to their site, you can suggest this possibility to them by phone or email .